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The only female character with the highest frequency of presence is Lenina Crowne. All are but female. The only roles females are allowed to play in the novel reflects the stigma that they are burdened with: nurses, workers at the embryo chains, caretakers, and, not surprisingly at all, erotic individuals. Apparently, in any civilization, old or new, the only people to be entrusted with wheeling a society are male.

Only masculinity is capable of directing a society to a preordained destination. The author could not do a better job in ascribing personality to women in the novel.

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They are the demonstrators of irrationality and sexual desires. The pain they endure is typical current social standards. Lenina struggles with her love for John. Meanwhile, Bernard and Helmholtz suffer for the lack of intellectual challenges. And John struggles with the realization of civilization. All of them receive punishment for their derailing from social standards. Bernard and Helmholtz are punished for their intellectual curiosity and exploring desire. They are sent to an island of their choice, left to their own devices and given the freedom of exploration.

John chooses his own punishment by isolating himself from the perceived civilization.

Plot Overview

Lenina, on the other hand, is given physical punishment by John, which she takes with a shock. There is a contrasting difference between the punishments. Lenina is punished by John, the emblem of our society. However, she is not outcasted by her society. For Bernard and Helmholtz, their punishment might turn out to be a reward to them. This is rather ironic. He looks different from the indigenous people and addresses them in flawless English. He takes them to meet his mother Linda, who originally is a Beta, but got lost in the reservation twenty years before.

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Bernard invites John to return with him to London along with his mother. Once back in London, Linda rekindles her love for soma, an antipsychotic drug, regularly ingesting potentially lethal quantities. Because so many upper-caste workers want to see "the Savage", Bernard is able to gain the popularity that he has always desired.

As a trained psychologist, he analyses John's behaviour as he adapts to life in London. His connection to the Savage provides Bernard with the contact with women he has always desired. However, his self-aggrandising behaviour causes tension in his relationship with his only friend, Helmholtz Watson.

Meanwhile, Lenina feels attracted to John. She even goes to the Feelies interactive cinema with him, but her desires remain unfulfilled. At one of the many parties staged so that Bernard's guests can meet John, the latter refuses to make his customary appearance. At work the next day, Bernard realises that his fifteen minutes of fame have come to an abrupt end. When Lenina shows up at John's apartment unannounced, John declares his love for her, talking of his desire to marry her and his wish to perform a task in order to prove his worthiness.

But as she begins to undress in front of him, John curses her as a strumpet and threatens her with violence if she does not leave immediately. After their dispute John is informed that his mother has been taken to the Hospital for the Dying. John rushes to the hospital only to witness the death of his mother. When he leaves the hospital grief-stricken, he sees hospital workers receiving their daily soma ration. John delivers an impassioned speech about the evils of conformity and the need for rebellion.

Unable to convince the workers of the necessity for change, John begins hurling boxes of soma tablets out of the window. The enraged mob of workers attacks John, but he fights them off valiantly until Bernard and Helmholtz arrive.

Stepford? Harper Valley? Call me a cab....

The police arrive, arrest John, Bernard and Helmholtz and take them to Mond. Mustapha Mond informs the men that they will be sent to an island populated with like-minded individuals who were also too free-spirited to survive in the conformist society of the World State. Left alone with John, Mond talks openly to John about the absence of God in the civilised world. John finally rejects the civilised world and claims 'the right to be unhappy'. John flees London to live an ascetic life in an abandoned lighthouse in the country. He hunts, tends his garden and prays.

When the image of Lenina thrusts itself into John's thoughts, he whips himself. After a group of Deltas spy the flagellant savage, the news of his actions and whereabouts reaches London, which prompts an incessant stream of visitors to the lighthouse. When John discovers Lenina in the crowd of visitors, he attacks and whips her frantically, but then succumbs to a soma-induced orgy of drugs and sex.

Driven insane by his feelings of shame and guilt, John hangs himself over the doorway to the lighthouse. In Brave New World the process of creating life is reduced to an asexual, artificial reproduction technique called ectogenesis. Female eggs are derived from excised ovaries — an operation which is undergone voluntarily and compensated with half a year's salary.

The excised ovaries are kept alive and active in a saline solution so that thousands of female egg cells can be derived from a single ovary. The eggs are then inspected for abnormalities and immersed in free-swimming spermatozoa. The fertilized ova are transferred to incubators and later to artificial wombs, called "bottles". In the "bottles" the morula, i. To thwart the embryo's tendency to develop anemia, it must be supplied with doses of hog's stomach extract and foetal foal's liver. More than half of all female embryos receive doses of male sex-hormones, so that they become sterile freemartins.

Birth-control is therefore rendered automatic by early 'Malthusian drill' three times a week from the age of twelve to seventeen. There they are conditioned by being administered electric shocks e.

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Hypnopaedic lessons repeated thousands of times between the age of three and sixteen impose certain rules of conduct on the children. Children are also encouraged to engage in early sexual and erotic games. In Brave New World the scientists of the Central London Hatchery are working on a technique for compressing the period of maturation of mankind.

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The guiding thought is that the long years of superfluous immaturity should be shortened and the physical development sped up. However, an experiment with individuals sexually mature at four and fully grown at six and a half failed, because the young adults were socially useless and not able to perform the simplest tasks.

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The ideal would be a compromise between adults of twenty and adults of six. The inhabitants of the World State are spared diseases and old age. The physiological signs of old age have been abolished and it is impossible to determine if someone is thirty or fifty-five years old. Old age is conquered by keeping the internal secretions of humans e.

In order to stay young people receive transfusions of young blood and their metabolism is permanently stimulated. Permanent youth, however, has its price. People don't reach old age. They die around the age of sixty see death. Due to death conditioning which begins at the age of eighteen months , death is taken as a matter of fact: all children have to spend time in the Hospital for the Dying which is like a first-class hotel and are conditioned with toys and chocolate cream on death days to view death as something pleasant.

Consequently, there is no grief, no tears, and no mystery connected with death. The patients die in the company of up to twenty people and are supplied with all the modern conveniences, such as TV, music and a constantly changing mix of perfume in the air. The faces of the dying are fresh and unwithered, because death strikes so rapidly only the internal organs are affected that it doesn't affect their looks.

After death the corpses are brought in gaily coloured hearses to a crematorium. The remains are burnt, and the phosphorus emitted more than one and a half kilo per adult corpse is recovered. The phosphorus is used for fertilizing plants and crops. Methods to prolong life, e.