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I am so thankful to find this site…many start out with proposing the faith but many also are a mixed bag of New Age isms.

I have been on the search for those who love the Lord and do not care for mixtures in terms of the Word of God ….. As we come out of such a dark and deceitful world which at first we do not always realize how dark it is.. BTW …. There are two articles on here about prayers …go to the index , I thought they were very well done and helpful. I think your idea for a space for prayer requests is a good one.

I saw a side bar with that but I am not sure I trust sidebars …sometimes they are like a popup …my limited computer knowledge showing now! Thank you for the exchange here Cat …. I appreciate your efforts and some of what you say. Seek God instead. Thank you Micheal for your criticism of this article. We have over articles here based upon biblical and systematic theology and so we have an article that addresses they concern you have.

This was not intended to be one on or just a focus on one of these gifts like heling. Please check out this link for more sir and thank you. I am sorry we dissapointed you my friend. Check out this article Michael at:. I agree with all that you wrote down in your article Jack. My brother had cancer and he turned to a Faith Healer for his daughter,but it did not work out.

When he told me he said it was worth a try,and I replied yes it was worth the the try,but I was only being respectful for what he did.

Is the Catholic Church God's true Church and Peter the first Pope?

Myself God decides when you leave this world,and nobody else. I know because I was going on my holidays but when I started the journey I started to get a pain in my stomach,and it got worse has we went on. I could not stand it any longer so my mates dropped me off at this hospital. If you looked at my stomach I looked 9 months pregnant. A consultant came and examined me and said we will take you down to the theater. I still wonder sometimes why I did not die only God knows that.

I spend the Pentacostal period teaching this verse to my Sunday School children. Each week we take one of the gifts and explore Biblical Stories about it and how we can do acts of love, etc. Hi Nancy. Hi Deanna…In my experience I would say for a Christian to hear these things the answer is no. They come from Satan and the only way a Christian would hear or see these thing would be if it were a form of attack, not a gift. From experience, Spiritual attacks are scary stuff and not a gift at all! These things usually happen to discourage the believer from following the faith and lead them astray…from the path God wishes for them.

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I have known them to occur people who have been involved in things of the occult and they were attacked as they found their faith. Other times, Ministers and those who are currently being used by God for something, have been attacked spiritually in such ways. However Spiritual attack can come in many forms, not just the supernatural scary stuff. In my case, as I learn how to repel one type of attack, Satan hits me the next time with something stronger and unfamilar. He is not very nice as I am sure you know and will try anything to keep us from full filling Gods plan.

Cat, thank you…. I thank God for you friend.

Catechism of the Catholic Church - The Mysteries of Christ's Life

My computer at home crashed and I need a new one so thank you for answering her question. As always, your biblical wisdom and experience are spot on.

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Love you sister Cat. Glad to be of any help Pastor. I have an old computer too and was told it was unfixable two yrs ago. God blessed me with a coworker who was former MI intelligence. He took my computer home, used his to boot it up since we were unable to even start it. I had gotten a bug that my antivirus missed and it attacked my windows start up program. He rewrote my program which is now a lost art amoung most computer techs who rely on programs to diagnoise and fix issues. Ask around and maybe you will find an old programer who knows dos.

My computer had to have some memory added as its about ten yrs old, runs a little slow but form basic use, its fine. Hope everything else is well. I spent last night in the ER. After a month of wheezing nightly and no voice, I finally got voice back yesturday, still wheezy but not as bad.

I was so excited. When it ended my voice was gone, I was gasping for air, coughing, and wheezing very loud. I then hear a man asking me how long I have been like this.

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I tell him I have just been diagnosed with what they believe to be adult onset asthma and have been having issues with breathing nightly and no voice for a month. He informs me he has asthma and he can hear me standing acrossed the room.

That my eyes are buldging, skin color bad, and showing the sign of not getting enough air. Ask about my inhaler which I took two hrs before and had not helped at all. Says the voice is due to airway obstruction and by the way he is an er nurse one step from his PA license. He tells me to get to er and tell them I am acute and past stage inhaler will work. I need nebulizer treatment and not to take no for an answer. Then tells me that it is not understood that putting in an airway on asthmatics who have closed up is not easy and not always possible.

So I finally gave in when he threatend to return in a few days and pitch a scene if I tell him I have not been to er. Been asking God why I am not better so how do I argue when apparently God sent free medical advice to me at work while I was having a bad attack. Went to ER and of course five hrs later after sitting still I was much better.

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Dr could hear wheezing comming from throat but said that while I may have asthma, that would not cause me to loose voice for this long. Ordered chest and throat xray which were clear. Ordered me to see specialist so he can scope my airway and determine the cause…it can be as simple as reflux disease, which I am not having symptoms of, or it can be much more serious. In meantime, I was put on double dose of steroids for five days. Plus reflux meds in case that the case until I can see specialist. I have no Idea how I will pay rent and eat let alone pay for all this medical.

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Please Pray for me, I could really use everyones prayer. I applied five days ago online to a Christian run business who pays well for full time house cleaning. Pray that God works on their hearts to at least give me an interview. Oh Cat, I am truly sorry for your fierce trial right now. Daniel…please first accept my apology. My computer crashed and I have just now got a new one up and running and so I am sorry for responding so late. As far as your anger, it was a righteous anger and you are human. The way you have been treated is not justified at all. I will pray for you as you requested. Please, others join with me and help our fellow saint, Cat, in her dire need at this hour and in the mighty name of Jesus so that His name be glorified, amen.

It is referred to as jibberish, showmanship and even blastphemy of the Holy Spirit in some circles.

See a Problem?

There are many more of these experienses in the life of my Bride and myself, but these two will do for now. In one month, I lost my wife, home, my two children, and my mother to cancer, and had to face all of this at once. One night, during all of this disaster, I decided that I had nothing left to lose. That night at PM, I sat on the edge of my bed, in my soon to be gone house, with a loaded pistol, and prayed to my Abba to just take me home. My life was over. What happened next truly changed my life.