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When he first moved to Miami, he acquired a cherry-red Cadillac DeVille, with a white top and brown Naugahyde seats. The neighborhood is a mixture of Bahamian, Haitian, Dominican, and Cuban, and is bordered by the Little River, a brackish, semi-polluted canal.

One afternoon, Pop gave me a tour of the place. There are a handful of acrylic paintings that Pop made himself, including a striking portrait of his wife, rendered in shades of blue, gray, and red. He believes that it is at least four hundred years old. He paused at a black-and-white photograph of himself, wet and smiling on a beach. And the kids were jumping and having so much fun. The portrait is striking—Pop looks innocent, grateful, and happy.

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Pop wakes up early these days—by 6 A. If he is touring, his preshow ritual takes eight or nine hours. Three hours before, I lie down on the floor and do something called wu chi breathing, where I breathe very deep into my gut for almost a half hour. Then I lightly visualize for about an hour.

Ambition and Survival: Becoming a Poet

Then I take a hot shower and I turn it all the way cold. Pop has never imagined a traditional domestic life for himself. Eric was brought up by his mother, in California, and lives in Berlin now. In part, this is why it matters so much to him that his work remain vital. This past year, Pop went on a brief twelve-date tour of Australia and Europe, starting with two sold-out shows at the Sydney Opera House. He wore dark pants, thick boots, and a leopard-print jacket with no shirt.

Poet Gregory Orr Has Been Teaching ‘How to Save Your Life’ for Four Decades | UVA Today

He charged the edge of the stage, waggled his arms, and galloped in circles. Late in the day, Pop and I walked down a short stone path and sat in a pair of sea-foam-green Adirondack chairs by the edge of the Little River. He was not wearing a shirt. A large iguana fell from a tree, splashing into the water.

Pop laughed when I yelped. A few minutes later, he spotted a manatee swimming by, and erupted from his chair, pointing excitedly. He and his assistant, Spencer, planted most of the trees on the property: Dade County pines, royal palms, coconut palms. The first two albums are chaotic, desperate, and bold.

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Dave Alexander had been fired in , for showing up too drunk to perform. He died in , at age twenty-seven, from complications from pancreatitis. The Stooges fell apart shortly thereafter, for all the usual reasons: drugs, clashing agendas, poor sales. Pop was antagonizing the room, and being pelted with beer, whiskey bottles, bras, and shoes.

Pop was strung out. He was rebelling against a certain type of self-seriousness. Afterward, they moved into an apartment on a tree-lined street in West Berlin. This was the beginning of a fruitful and largely drug-free period for both artists. While we sat by the canal, I made an offhand comment about how Pop is now the last man standing, which I meant in a general sense. Reed died in , from liver disease; Bowie died in , from cancer.

Pop is in the middle, wearing a T. Rex shirt and holding a pack of Lucky Strikes between his teeth. Part of the nature of a good idea is that no one around you gets it. The constant doubt of others might have been a springboard for him sometimes being self-destructive. I asked Pop about a collaboration he did with Cat Power, the Miami-based singer and songwriter, in The phone rings; I get offered work.

And the first two Stooges albums are the theme.

Pop opened his acceptance speech by blasting two middle fingers at the crowd, and then reading from a stack of index cards, declaring who and what he believed was cool: his wife, his bandmates. The Stooges played their last show in Ron Asheton had died in Ann Arbor in , of a suspected heart attack, and was replaced by James Williamson.

Young Poet Writes Against The Odds

Scott died the same way, in The Stooges are now functionally kaput—of the original lineup, only Pop is left. And how would I feel if I was going to die tomorrow, and I looked at what I was doing with my life today? DH Lawrence at Nottingham. The young poet.

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Print Email this Page. Search this Section. The young poet One of the earliest manuscript acquisitions for the Collections was Lawrence's Nottingham University College notebook which had remained in the hands of Lawrence's sister Emily La L 2. Browser does not support script. Jennifer Stone. Christian Mystery. Five Vows for Spiritual Power. The Fruits of the Spirit. Evelyn Underhill. John Bunyan. Thomas A Kempis. Christ in Our Midst. Caryll Houselander. A Call to Prayer. Thomas Paine.

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Prayers and Praying. VT Booker. Pray About It. Navashia' Akins. The City Without a Church.

Henry Drummond. Wunzh, the Father of Indian Corn.